Friday, October 5, 2012

Why do we want to study Law?

I am a student of law. In my first class I have faced a question that was "why do I want to study law"? I answered at that time that I want to be an International Lawyer. Most of the student answered as like as me. Someone wanted to be a lawyer, someone wanted to be a lecturer, someone wanted to be a judge etc. etc. Generally these are the best answer of this question.

But after three years of study I have observed that not only in such manner but also to know, a person may do legal study. Law is the essential and a big part of our life.

A state is dominated by depending on some rules a regulation. Citizens have no right to do any wrong to the state. To avoid doing wrong to the state every citizen has to know the rules and regulations of the state. In this manner we can also learn law. We also learn law for moral development and to make an honorable professional life.

A lawyer is a doctor, an engineer, an actor, a detective etc. To find out the true a lawyer has to do many things. Everybody say that a lawyer is a liar. Yes, they are talking lie. I have a question to this person who knows a lawyer as liar. The question is "Did you ever ask yourself why an advocate tell a lie?" He or she is talking lie to establish the true. It is also true that some or most of the lawyer are talking lie to establish the false. All of we know that a person is the combination of good and bad behavior. Every person is talking lie, expressly or impliedly, willingly or unwillingly. But they tell. Why lawyer is called lair? I would like to mention that a lawyer is a social engineer.

Today I wish to answer the said question, in the first paragraph, again. I am studying law to know the law, to establish true in the society, to provide proper treatment to the poor who are deprived from their right, to establish Human Rights. I will be a social engineer, really I will be.................



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